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Case Results



Covered. Hard fought. Hard earned.

We are dedicated to the successful recoveries and excellent services for our clients.

Some Successful Recoveries


An illegal Ponzi scheme platform , Taking an illegal prospect of fraud and money laundering . The website has thoroughly investigated by our specialist and recoveries has been made successfully. This is a blacklisted platform.



We scanned beonwise for several indicators and we confirmed the website to be a scam. Reported of theft and fraud. Our team of specialists has been on cases and recoveries has been made.


Mido Finance

An online trading platform Mido Finance with several cases of fraud and money laundering. This site has been blacklisted and our specialists has been on numerous cases of recovery of assets.



Cryptos OTC Trading Platform is an online platform that claims to provide its investors with passive income or so some investors may think. We have received several reports and our specialist are already on the concepts of successful recoveries.



Intelligence Prime Capital Limited offers trading in derivative products via their website. They are not a registered entity, nor a registered financial service provider in New Zealand. As such, they are not registered to provide financial products or services to New Zealand residents. We have received a report from a New Zealand resident that they have been unable to withdraw funds invested with Intelligence Prime Capital Limited and our specialists has been able to recover most from our clients.

Celsius Network is a prominent crypto and asset trading platform suddenly disabled all withdrawals for all it’s investors.
Our specialists are currently working on numerous cases and complaint and several recoveries of lost and pending assets has been made.


Chelsea Investment

This is a high level scheme to loot money from it’s investors. Our specialists have been on multi cases as well as court trial to defend our clients and has been successful.


Global Pairs

Globalpairs is an offshore broker with irregular finance licence. We have received several complaints of lack of withdrawals and restrictions from funded accounts. Recoveries has been made successful and we advise individuals to be cautious.


Juicyfields is an online Ponzi scheme platform leaned to make investors agree to buy plants as an investments for annual profits. Our specialists have received several complaints on restrictions of withdrawals and disable of account to steal investors funds. Several recoveries have been made as well moving forward towards total closure of the platform.